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Do not pause your health for menopause.

Menopause care is often something that is considered to die a natural death for women without giving importance to its effect on the mental and physical health of the women undergoing this natural transition. Our team teaches women how they don’t have to suffer behind the curtains and holistically embrace this tricky health phase. 

Menopause care is often neglected easily, but it plays a crucial role in deciding the gut health of most women in their late 50s. With changing lifestyles and eating patterns, women have been hitting menopause a lot earlier than women in the olden times. Our team guides you in understanding the needs of your own body through this phase and how not to let it affect your health, weight, or mind. 

  • What happens when I stop following the diet?
    Our trainers ensure that we give you a holistic diet plan inspired by the vedas that only make your consumption right out of your kitchen, making sure the food remains the same, but the quantity, proportion, and timing varies hence, making sure no weight is gained even when you remove the word "diet" from your dictionary.
  • What is a healthy weight-loss goal?
    Under the best supervision and studying a body's metabolic rate, an average human body is between 4-6 pounds induced healthily.
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