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PCOD management specialist in Delhi Ncr

It might be shocking for you to know that we cross over 1 Million cases of PCOD each year in India.

PCOD is a condition that causes not only hormonal imbalances but also a comparatively low metabolism. Depression and infertility are often induced if you have this condition. On the basis of research and tried and tested dietary plans, our team of experts works on reducing the impact of this with detox diets that boost immunity and metabolism in return, helping you lose weight and further reducing the impact of PCOD. Choose the top PCOD Specialist Doctor in Delhi today

  • What happens when I stop following the diet?
    Our trainers ensure that we give you a holistic diet plan inspired by the vedas that only make your consumption right out of your kitchen, making sure the food remains the same, but the quantity, proportion, and timing varies hence, making sure no weight is gained even when you remove the word "diet" from your dictionary.
  • What is a healthy weight-loss goal?
    Under the best supervision and studying a body's metabolic rate, an average human body is between 4-6 pounds induced healthily.
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