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6 Reasons Why Calorie Counting Apps Don’t Help You Lose Weight

Are you overweight and concerned about your calories? Do not make the mistake of relying on a Calorie counting app. Don't get attracted to catchy graphics and slogans about these apps.

What are the calories in food?

The amount of energy gained with food or drink is counted in calories. When we burn fewer calories than what we consume, it ends up with body fat. Excess body fat is the major cause of being overweight.

There are numerous Calorie counting apps found on Google Play today that can misguide you.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn't use these apps to lose weight.

  1. Inaccuracy: Many times the nutritional facts provided on the food products are not precise. Secondly, there are various methods by which you may consume the product, according to which the calorie intake will differ.

  2. Mediums of intake: Calorie consumption differs with different types of food. For instance, if you consume raw vegetables and processed food items, the calorie consumption differs in each case. Also, different food items have a distinct impact on metabolism, hunger, appetite, and hormones.

  3. Metabolism rate: The metabolism rate differs amongst individuals, it does not always depend on body size and muscle mass. Hence the calorie count calculation may vary.

  4. Time of food: If you are having a Mughlai paratha, the calorie app will not take into account at what time you savored it. But, when you talk to your dietician he will tell you the importance of having it in the afternoon and night.

  5. Other factors involved: Calorie counting to lose weight might turn insignificant, as there are other factors also contributing to weight loss including activity or exercise, sleeping time and quality, anxiety level, and health concerns.

  6. Stressful: Counting calories minutely can be stressful, especially in cases of losing weight. The person might get worried each time he's having a meal. Stress is also one of the reasons for obesity.

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Instead of spending time on apps to measure calories, include healthy ingredients in your cooking and eating habits. Avoid junk foods, canned items, carbonated drinks, refined sugars, etc. Instead incorporate fruits, salads, whole grain foods, nuts, etc. in your daily diet. Also make yoga, walking, Zumba, and other exercises part of your daily schedule.

Food is to be relished, develop a mindful eating habits. This will help you enjoy all the flavors and energize the foodie in you.

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