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8 Things to avoid for a bride to be before the wedding day.

‘Wedding’ is the momentous day of your life. The day you and your love will be bound together forever. Of course, you will wish to be a beautiful bride, and healthy too!

With the non-ending preparations for the special day, you often tend to skip your food or eat junkies easily available. It is very important to maintain good health. Indulge in pampering yourself months before and you will get fruitful results. Here are the things you should avoid before your memorable day for a healthy and glowing figure.

  1. Haircut: Discuss with your wedding hairdresser the hairstyle that will suit your face and bridal outfit. Accordingly, give an impressive haircut. It is also advisable to try out the hairstyle some days prior with your wedding dress and accessories.

  2. Makeup brand: Don’t have trials with new makeup brands just because your close friends or beautician are suggesting so. Stick to the cosmetics you always use for a festive occasions. You can try the new brand on yourself carefully after your big day, to avoid rashes or bad skin.

3. Avoid junk food: Junk food will fill you up with unhealthy calories, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, etc. Rather include a lot of veggies and fruits in your regular meals, like kiwi, grapes, pomegranate, strawberries, spinach, beans, carrots, potatoes, etc. Try to have homemade food and include a colorful salad on your menu.

4. Avoid alcohol: Alcohol dehydrates and brings about wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water and unsweetened fruit juices.

Overthinking: Of course, marriage opens up a door to a new spectrum of life. But you need not stress yourself on small worries. Be optimistic and surround yourself with positive people.

5. Wakeful night: Sleep like a princess, but don’t oversleep. It’s good to sleep seven to eight hours. Avoid late-night parties.

6. Don’t over-exercise: over-exercising often causes muscle strains and tendon injuries. Instead, do your regular exercise or morning walk for 30 minutes. Morning walks in nature can enlighten your soul and benefit your body with multiple benefits.

7. Don’t glue to social media: Connecting with faraway friends and family is good, but don’t get over-engaged with your phone. Relax and spend quality time with the loved ones around you.

We at Fitness Foundation will assist you in preparing your daily chart for a glowing and healthy body. Our experts are well experienced in these areas and can guide you with every step.

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These are the 8 tips that will make you look stunning on your big day. You can also start with meditation which can benefit you even after marriage. Many have experienced peace of mind, concentration, and self-awareness along with other health benefits. Do remember to stay happy and cheerful as it uplifts your face value at a great level.

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