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Migraine management

Did you know that migraine is the most common health concern in the world, with every 7th person suffering from it?

Obesity and migraine are directly linked. Well, that being said, it is also common in leaner people. A generalized human may think of a thin body to be a healthy one. But that’s certainly not true. Lack of muscle mass may also induce migraines. While the severity of headaches and migraine attacks increases along with your growing body. The body's weight is equivalent to the general inflammatory environment of your body. Hence, people higher on the scale will face more migraines. Anyone who has witnessed migraines knows how painful and nauseous they can be. 


Though the headache and symptoms may last 2-3 days, they can be very recurring. Our team of experts design a diet plan that helps control the triggers of migraines, reducing the number of times they occur, and slowly reducing the impact as a whole with in-depth work on controlling an individual's serotonin levels.

  • What happens when I stop following the diet?
    Our trainers ensure that we give you a holistic diet plan inspired by the vedas that only make your consumption right out of your kitchen, making sure the food remains the same, but the quantity, proportion, and timing varies hence, making sure no weight is gained even when you remove the word "diet" from your dictionary.
  • What is a healthy weight-loss goal?
    Under the best supervision and studying a body's metabolic rate, an average human body is between 4-6 pounds induced healthily.
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