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Skin improvement with the magic of Ayurveda

Skin improvement with the magic of Ayurveda: Fun Fact- Our skin cells renew themselves every 28 days

Weight gain often puts pressure on your hormonal running, causing stress, acne, and excessive body odor. Naturally, when you start losing weight, the pressure on your hormones to work twice as hard is reduced. We've often witnessed how weight gain and obesity lead to acne, constant skin issues and brittle bones due to a lack of nutritional levels in a body. 


Our team of experts curates a management plan that helps you tackle all these issues seamlessly with possible health strategies that reduce, acne, hyperpigmentation of the skin and frequencies of, eventually nullifying its possibilities for you. We understand your triggers closely and attempt healthy practices that naturally build your body's ability to fight these issues long-term. With the tried and tested Ayurveda medicines and therapy, we offer the best solutions to cure your disease.  

  • What happens when I stop following the diet?
    Our trainers ensure that we give you a holistic diet plan inspired by the vedas that only make your consumption right out of your kitchen, making sure the food remains the same, but the quantity, proportion, and timing varies hence, making sure no weight is gained even when you remove the word "diet" from your dictionary.
  • What is a healthy weight-loss goal?
    Under the best supervision and studying a body's metabolic rate, an average human body is between 4-6 pounds induced healthily.
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